Jesus - Centered

JAM: Jesus and Me

The JAM Team's goal is to create an energetic, activity-driven, fun-filled week that will incorporate worship, skits, music, activities and teaching all in a fun and relevant way that today's kids can relate to!



Every day, along with all of the indoor and outdoor activities, each grade will have a time set aside where they will learn what it means to be a child of God. They will also learn how that relates to their everyday lives at school, with their family, and with their friends, all with age-appropriate lessons and stage presentations.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up


8:00-8:30 am

(See below for more info.)


3:00-3:30 pm

(See below for more info.)

CHECK-IN: Drive-Thru

  • Must already be registered AND paid.

  • Pull into the 2nd parking lot entrance. 

  • Parking Lot Attendants will guide you to the drop-off line.

  • Tag Station Attendants will be ready to check-in your kids at the curbside.

  • BE READY to get out of the car!

  • Have your Rearview Mirror Tag 

       hanging as you pull up.

  • If you are dropping off kids from another family, be sure tohave their number sheet available as well.



  • Pull up to the last parking  lot entrance, where a Parking Lot Attendant will  guide you to park in the  gravel parking lot, and then walk in through  the front door entrance.

  • There will be a Door  Greeter to help you if you  need additional info.



  • Proceed to the TAG  STATION located just  inside the front door. 

  • There will be a Tag Station Attendant there to assist  you.


  • Proceed to the Lobby and  the registration line will be  marked clearly.

  • You will receive one parent  tag for each family. Use this tag to pick up ALL children.


CHECK-OUT Stations

K - 6th Grade: SANCTUARY

PICK-UP Routine

  • PICK- UP TIME: Parents may enter the Sanctuary AFTER 3pm. 

  • EARLY PICK- UP: You must call the HOPE  office (618- 939- 9089) with: the name of the child, grade, and time picking up  (Children picked up after  2pm will miss the end Main Lesson time). Stop at the security tent, first entrance, they will radio you are here and a JAM Team member will bring your child out to meet you. Please remember your pick-up tag.

  • CHECK- OUT TAG:  As you leave through the Sanctuary MAIN DOORS, Check- Out Team  Members will ask you for  your child's tag (which will  be on their shirt) and your parent pick- up tag. For the safety of your children, you will not be permitted to  leave the area without the  parent tag. There will be no exceptions. DO NOT give your pickup tag to anyone other than the Door Attendants. You can use your phone if you have a picture of the  tag. KEEP TAGS UNTIL YOU ARE IN YOUR CAR!

  • LOST PARENT TAG:  Please return to the HOPE Kidz Tag Station located in  the Lobby to retrieve  another one! You will need to show your photo ID.

  • JAM TRAFFIC: In order to make the exiting quicker,  traffic to Waterloo can  make a right at FF Road. There will be signs to direct you back to Route 3.

  • Pick up your Elementary child first and PreK child second for ease of exiting.


  • Waterpark

  • Energetic Music!

  • Archery

  • Obstacle Course

  • GaGa Pit

  • Arts/Crafts

  • Field Activities

  • Song & Dance

  • Theatrical Presentations

Theme Days



What are the ages for JAM?

Kindergarten - kids that have finished 2020/2021 5th Grade.

What is included in the camp fee?​

A JAM t-shirt, snacks, and take-home crafts, fun prizes are all included.

What items are not allowed at JAM?

Toys from home, Skateboards, cell phones, cameras, iPods and any other electronic gaming devices.

Do volunteers get a discount?

Those who volunteer all week may receive a 25% refund on Friday.


Don't let the cost keep your kids from JAM! HOPE has a limited number of scholarships available for those in need. Contact the Church Office at 618-939-9089 for information on how to apply. Scholarship applications must be turned in by June 1st.

Join the Team!

It takes 250 volunteers to create this amazingly fun, Christ-centered, and safe week! 


If you have a desire to be a part of the team, whether it's for 1 day or the whole week, we would love to connect with you and get you plugged in! 


Go to our JAM - Join the Team! page to find out more about the different ways you can serve.

What to bring



Colored Wristband

& JAM T-shirt​​

Wear these everyday. You will 

receive these at registration. 

Personal Bag

Send all of your child's stuff in a backpack or bag. One for each child.

Lunch & Drinks

Bring in a labeled lunch bag 

everyday but Wednesday. All Kids and Volunteers will 

have a free lunch from 

Chick-fil-a on Wednesday. 

Swimsuit & Towel

Students should wear their swimsuits under their clothes. 

All students need to bring a towel with them! We recommend kids also bring water shoes or flip-flops.


Pre-apply before JAM & send 

extra along.


Bring all medications in their 

originally labeled containers 

clearly marked with your child’s name and medication dosage. Drop them off at the Nurse's

Station on the first day and pick them up at the end of the day on Friday.


For Missions money 

and for the JAM Kids Store (on Friday).

Dress code


  • Shorts and skirts must  reach at least midway on  the thigh.

  • Must wear a one-piece swimsuit; if they wear a  two - piece, they must wear an extra shirt over it.



  • Shirts must be worn at all times except while swimming.

  • Shorts must be worn on the waist. No sagging.

Jam shirts

All kids must wear their 2021  JAM shirt:

K & 1st Grade - TBD
2nd & 3rd Grade - TBD
4th & 5th Grade - TBD

*No decorating or cutting your shirts.


Kids will be exposed to:

  • A lot of water

  • Sun

  • Energetic & Loud Music



Security Measures in place:

  • Security volunteers are stationed throughout the property.


  • Approximately 250 volunteers have all been screened with background checks and are identified with volunteer t-shirts and name badges.


  • In-house schedule tracking enables camp staff to locate your child anywhere on the campus at any time during the day. (For unplanned early pick-ups, please allow up to 15 minutes for us to locate your child.)


  • A Nurse's Station with qualified medical staff is located on-site.


  • Inclement weather plans are in place to move children into buildings if needed.


  • Parents are asked to drive slowly on campus and refrain from using cell phones while driving.


  • Profanity and bullying are absolutely not allowed.
    1. The child will receive one warning from a senior staff member.
    2. If the child does not respond to the warning, the parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to pick up the child.
    3. If the child returns to camp the following day and continues with inappropriate behavior, the parent or guardian will be asked to pick up the child and the child will not be allowed to return to camp. The camp fee will not be refunded.​