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What would it look like for women from every church in our area to gather together, worship and get to know God (and themselves) a little better? What if, together, we realize that we're not the struggle, in the faith or in the discovery of who God created us to be?


That is the vision behind: REFRESHED HEARTS... A morning for women in our community to connect and refresh.


Here are the details of this unique gathering for women who want to grow closer to God and to each other:


Refreshed Hearts

Saturday, Sept. 24

9am - noon

Includes breakfast, worship, the book, "Healing Out Loud" and interactive sessions with Sandi Brown of JOY FM and Dr. Michelle Caulk (Licensed Professional Counselor).

Childcare is included

Cost: $35

Location: Hope Christian Church

Some of the topics we'll explore include battling self doubt, anxiety, and finding freedom from past hurts and broken relationships. Women can tend to feel alone or insecure in areas of struggle. Our time together will be a powerful reminder of God's presence, His love and the path to freedom that He offers. 


The book that every attendee receives is called, "Healing Out Loud: How to Embrace God's Love When You Don't Like Yourself."  It was written by Sandi Brown and her former Christian counselor, Dr. Michelle Caulk. If you would like a copy of the book to review, please let me know. Our hope and prayer is that we see women growing closer to God, building stronger relationships with other women, and fostering a sense of unity in our community.


We are excited about this unique gathering and hope that you and several women from your church will be able to join in!

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